Oh those greedy workers want fair treatment…

I was appalled when I first heard about Hostess’ issues and saw all the commentary blaming their problems on unions. It is disgusting that worker’s rights have come to be viewed as petty, while the profits of CEOs and unlimited reach of corporations is placed above that of people. People have obviously forgotten that they have the Labor Movement to thank for what they do have now– much safer working conditions, minimum wages, and other minimal protections. Corporations throughout history have proven that they cannot be trusted to look out for the well-being of their employees (or the community, environment, etc.) if left to their own devices. Do people really want to return to the early days of unfettered “capitalist” pursuit? If so, they don’t know what they are asking for.

The Fifth Column

Who knew? (sarcasm)


While the right has been blaming unions for the closing of Hostess, Newt Gingrich and George Will admitted that they expect the company to return without union workers in a right to work state.


RADDATZ: Can we have — can we a very quick thoughts of Twinkies in your life? Just — not you, Jon Karl. You’re too young. You’re the youngest member of this roundtable. Did you like Twinkies growing up?

WILL: I liked Hostess cupcakes, but don’t despair. Someone’s going to buy — someone’s going to — the brand has value. Someone will buy it.

RADDATZ: It’s not the…

WILL: And they will go and manufacture it in a right-to-work state, where Hostess does not have to operate under 372 collective bargaining agreements.

RADDATZ: OK. OK. Quickly, just Twinkie memories.

BRAZILE: I remember when it was 25 cent a pack, when my…

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