Monthly Archives: September 2012


Cupcakes for the bake sale some of my students are putting on. I relished the opportunity to decorate some cakes, but unfortunately I did not have enough time to carry out my plan. This is what it turned out to be- dogs, bears (sort of), pigs, spiders, skulls. I had planned to also have mice, cats, and some other stuff. Oh well.


Promo: Kitty Cot

For those with kitties to please…

This window mounted kitty shelf is awesome! It is a simple but effective design and is handcrafted by a guy in Seattle. I love things that are well-made, sturdy, and functional but not hideously ugly and this fits the bill. So much nicer than the standard cheap pet supplies made in China.

Buy American, buy artisan.

Kitty Cot: World’s best window perch

Just look how Kasha loves it!